The Center for Research of Kartvelian Civilization aims to preserve records of all major religious holidays still celebrated in Georgia.
Even today, a number of ancient rites and rituals can be found in Georgia, especially its mountainous regions. The documentation and preservation of these traditions in different image and sound media is one of CRKC’s major projects. The collected material will be made available for scholarly examination and educational purposes. 

The Kartvelian evidence can be used in comparative Oriental and Indo-European ethnological studies, throwing fresh light on a number of unresolved problems. Furthermore, the same data can be highly effective in preserving a record of Kartvelian ethno-psychology, which is being threatened by global political, economic, and social trends.

The project of recording ancient Kartvelian rites has advanced slowly since 1998, when Berikaoba - an archaic fertility rite, was recorded in Sabue, a village in Kakheti. The lack of financial means prevents a smooth running of the project and many ancient religious holidays, now on the decline, may for ever be lost to posterity. 

An ancient fertility rite, Kakheti, the Village of Sabue, 1998. 
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