Center for Research of Kartvelian Civilization (CRKC) is offering credit and non-credit courses in the Georgian language during summer 2007. 
Practical courses in Georgian will be designed for elementary, intermediate, and advanced levels in collaboration with participating universities. 
Classes in Georgian will be taught by highly qualified instructors, most of them associated with higher educational institutions and years of teaching experience. 
Language classes will be supplemented by lectures in Kartvelian culture:

  1. History, ethnology, and paleography will be discussed with weekly tours to various museums and historical places related to the lectures.
  2. Classes in folk songs and musical instruments will be accompanied with workshops.

These lectures will be designed, not to standard curriculums and Soviet-controlled materials, but in conjunction with the guidelines suggested and agreed upon by CRKC and lecturers in respective fields. 
Moreover, for the first time, the members of CRKC will offer lectures on Kartvelian contacts with the dead civilizations of the Near East (Sumer and Egypt) and the Mediterranean.

Educational Tourism
Another option that CRKC will offer is a new type of tourism - Educational Tourism. The idea behind it is to provide visitors not only with the tours of well-known Georgian sites but to give them a deeper insight into Kartvelian culture with lectures delivered by scholars in respective fields supported by tours in museums and on situ
Groups will be offered the same course of lectures, but on a more concise basis, in history, ethnology, folk song and musical instruments, paleography, and contacts with ancient civilizations.

Due to its test year, the number of applicants for each group is limited and special prices will be offered.

For details, visit our website from January 2007 at