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Scientific Board

A CRKC Scientific Board, convened as needed, is a body of leading scholars selected to review scholarly works in their field of expertise prior to publication. The CRKC President presides over each Scientific Board.

Board Members 

The seven Founding Members of CRKC are also members of a Permanent Board which plans, monitors, assesses and modifies the activities of the CENTER.

Anna Meskhi, PhD 
President, CRKC 

Anna Meskhi
, Ph.D. in Germanic Languages and Theory of Linguistics, and a scholar in the English language, has researched Kartvelian and Old English language material for many years, and eventually expanded into Sumerian and Egyptian languages and cultures. Dr. Meskhi has amassed research papers and books on a variety of subjects to include comparative studies of linguistics, paleography, religions, and mythologies of Kartvelian, Indo-European, Sumerian and Egyptian.

Part of her preservation endeavors of the Kartvelian Civilization has included expeditions and video recordings of ancient Kartvelian rites and the rescue and translation of ethnographic manuscripts. The apex in Dr. Meskhi's life occurred in early 2006, with the founding of the Center for Research of Kartvelian Civilization, her lifelong dream. 


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Vera Gelashvili                                  

Vera Gelashvili graduated from the Music Conservatory and continues to teach music and piano. As a specialist and adviser of Georgian folk music and instruments, she has her roots in Kartvelian folk songs, which are unlike any other nation's folk music as it has no analogs. Mrs. Gelashvili was entrusted over four years ago to begin the laborious digitizing process of ethnographic materials. She has undertaken the delicate enterprise to rescue manuscripts from the foundered Research Institute of History and Ethnology of the Academy of Sciences in Georgia, which will be the first vestiges of the electronic library of the Center.


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Giorgi Grigolashvili, PhD

Giorgi Grigolashvili, Ph.D. in Technical Sciences, is an assistant professor in the Department of the Theory of Machines and Mechanisms at the Technical University of Georgia. Author and writer of numerous works to include textbooks, a series of poetry translations and articles in mass media, Dr. Grigolashvili speaks four languages and is an expert publisher in literary and children's books, journals and newspapers in various languages. His computer design and vast computing services have made the publication of the Center's works possible. Without his special knowledge in publishing, the Center could not realize its mission.


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Iagor Kontridze                                 
Founding Member  
Iagor (Giorgi) Kontridze has degrees in Engineering-Metallurgy and in Film Producing. A professional cameraman and bilingual in Georgian and Russian, he has dedicated many years to filmmaking, and particularly documentaries and feature films about environmental protection and preservation of his language and culture. Mr. Kontridze spent many years with the Georgian Environmental Protection Organization and other filmmaking firms where he produced films, such asPlaying WarVardziaExotic BirdsStrange People, and Akhooba, and co-produced a feature documentary film, Single Soles. His disinterested toil made possible the ethnological video recordings of ancient religious rites spearheaded by Dr. Meskhi.


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Mirian Meskhi 
Founding Member 

Mirian Meskhi, entrepreneur and CEO of the Caucasus Strategy Group, Ltd., has spent his life introducing foreigners to the riches of the culture of Georgia and the Kartvelian land. His endeavors have helped rebuild Georgia by gaining access to construction materials and hydro power equipment and fostering foreign relationships in the post-Soviet era. Fluent in four languages, his experience includes initiation of cultural and international business events at world-class hotels and providing dignitary guide services for his government. Mr. Meskhi is the husband and life-companion of Dr. Anna Meskhi, a liaison whose dedication to the Center has made the entire effort possible.


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Merab Mikeladze 
Founding Member   
Merab Mikeladze, Jr., has spent many years with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Georgian Consulate promoting Georgian culture. Presently, a doctoral student at Tbilisi University of Western Languages and Cultures, his topic of research examines the wolf totem in peoples of the Iberian Race, particularly the spread and genetic relations of Kartvelo-Iberian tribes. Fluent in five languages and a specialist in French and Italian languages and literature, Mr. Mikeladze follows in his family tradition with the study of ancient contacts of the Kartvelian languages and culture which was the true passion of his father and grandfather, both acclaimed scientists. 


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Valida Tsertsvadze
Founding Member 

Valida (Nukri) Tsertsvadze, first an endocrinologist and later a Ph.D. in Biological and Medical Chemistry, has spent 30 years in the collection of material on the post-Atlantis Civilization. In 2003, she published a book, The Factor of Time: Wisdom of Love, which is a concept she designed over the years about the principles of education. This work is an entire system based on completely different principles of education for the 21st Century. Dr. Tsersvadze used her technical knowledge and experience in home-schooling her children to come up with the concept to ensure students will achieve success in the future world. 


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