Praise and Glory
to the Kartuli Language


Center for Research of Kartvelian Civilization


CRKC investigates the contribution of Kartvelian languages and culture to world civilization. The role the Kartvels have played in world history is not readily apparent today, but rather hidden and concealed.

Ancient Kartvelian scholar-priests ensured that the sacred mission of the Kartvelian people was transmitted to the coming generations encoded through different channels of expression, both open and closed. Praise and Glory to the Kartuli Language, a singular manuscript dated 342, openly transmits this message in text; whereby, The Davati Stela does the same in an art form.

Conversely, customs and traditions and, most importantly, the Kartuli Asomtavruli alphabet, reveal this same message in a closed manner. Thus, customs and traditions, enacted in every day living, have gradually lost their significance into obscurity, while the alphabet has always been a closed code comprising the astronomical, mathematical, geometrical and calendrical systems of ancient civilizations.

This information hard-to believe even for native Georgian scholars is completely inaccessible to western scholarship. It is, therefore, one of CRKC's goals to consolidate the efforts of scholars and reach out to world academia.